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Many employers are taking the step to install electric vehicle charge points, not just for the sake of their corporate responsibility, but also to provide convenience to their staff and clients who may have already made the jump to an electric car.

EV Chargers For Workplaces

Ready to go Green?

At Greendawn, we provide a range of electric vehicle charge point solutions tailored to your business requirements, complete with a back-office management system that allows you to monitor and maintain key statistics such as usage and power output.

  • Bespoke charge point solutions - Work with one of our dedicated specialists to tailor a package that is specific to your business needs. Choose from a range of charge points based on their power output, the surrounding environment of the workplace and their ability to scale as demand grows.
  • Scalable infrastructure - With a range of solutions available that are designed to scale as your business grows, plan for the future with confidence and work with a dedicated package that has the capacity to expand as and when you need it to.
  • On-demand management and maintenance - Following installation, work with our bespoke back-office software designed to provide you with a maintenance solution that is time and cost effective, and which gives you the data that you need to make effective decisions for the benefit of your business.

OZEV Grants for EV Fleet owners

Reduce the cost of your electric vehicle charge point installation and create a more sustainable business with an electric vehicle grant through the government Workplace Charging Scheme. Greendawn are an OZEV approved installer working with charities, businesses and public authorities to claim up to £14,000 off workplace charge points.

Workplace Finance 

We make it easier for you to look after your green fleet with a range of finance options from zero to fully funded, which cover you from survey to installation and maintenance, as well as tariff setting for your employees and customers.


Reduction of Carbon Footprint

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need planning permission for electric charging points?

Planning permission is not required for the installation of wall-mounted electric vehicle charging points in areas lawfully used for off street parking – provided certain conditions are met. The electrical outlet must not exceed 0.2 cubic metres in size, and it can’t face onto, or be within, two metres of a highway.


Can you still claim 45p per mile for an electric car?

The electric vehicle employee owner-driver can also claim 5 pence per mile for each passenger they drive on the same business trip. The mile per hour rate for business journeys in privately-owned vehicles was increased from 40p pence per mile to 45 pence per mile back in 2011/12, and hasn’t changed since.


Do employers charge for EV charging?

Many do currently offer free charging as a perk to staff, while it can also be used as an incentive to increase EV uptake among workers.


What is the government mileage rate for electric cars?

AFTER years of pressure from the fleet decision makers’ organisation ACFO, HMRC is finally publishing electric car business mileage rates. From September 01, 2018, the official HMRC rate is 4p per mile. This is the Advisory Fuel Rate for electric cars.

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