What Are the Different Grants Available for Electric Vehicles?

Written by Charlotte Burrage

28 April 2023

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Are you looking into transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) but overwhelmed by the cost of purchasing one and installing a charging station at home? You may be eligible for an EV grant if your needs fit within certain parameters. This blog post will explore what grants are and how they can help you finance an electric vehicle (EV) & charger installation in your own home or business. We’ll cover eligibility criteria, deadlines, and how to apply so that you can take advantage of these available options.


What is a grant? 

Grants are monetary awards from either government authorities, private organisations, foundations, or corporations awarded to individuals with specific needs and predetermined criteria. We will explain the different types of grants available, how exactly they can help you with charging costs of an EV & where to go to apply for funding. 


Am I eligible for a grant?

Your eligibility will depend upon the grant available and whether you meet the requirements, we will discuss some grants and eligibility below.


What grants are available?

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) 

The EVHS grant encourages the purchase of EV vehicles by subsidising 75% of the cost of purchasing and installing a home charging station, up to £350 including VAT. However, this scheme is no longer available to homeowners and has been rebranded as the EV chargepoint grant. This grant is still available for those who own or live in rented accommodation, have an eligible vehicle which you are the primary owner of, and have dedicated off-street parking. 


Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

With the cost of living increasing, businesses and employers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their financial standing. One effective plan is the Workplace Charging Scheme grant, this grant enables businesses to install electric vehicle charge points making this type of commuting more affordable and accessible. But what exactly is the grant, what does it cover, and how can it be used to benefit a workplace?

Businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint can take advantage of WCS. By providing EV charging stations, businesses can encourage their employees to switch to EVs and save the environment from the dangers of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Businesses that adopt the WCS are taking a step in the right direction in promoting the use of sustainable transport. By allowing their employees to charge their electric vehicles at the workplace, they are encouraging the use of EVs and reducing reliance on petrol and diesel vehicles. In encouraging this shift, businesses can also offer innovative and sustainable transport solutions to customers when they arrive at the business premises. 

Being a part of the WCS can help businesses gain a positive image with their customers, suppliers, and employees. Initiatives that promote sustainability demonstrate that the business is not only concerned with profits, but also with the environment and the community. Businesses can also use this initiative to highlight their commitment to sustainability in their recruitment process and media communications.

WCS helps businesses with the purchase and installation cost of one or more EV charge points at commercial locations. It can cover up to 75% of the cost, capped at £350 per socket, up to 40 sockets per applicant. This scheme is run by the Office for Zero Emission vehicles (OZEV) and is open to businesses, charities, and public sector organisations which meet the following criteria:

  • Declare the need for EV charge points, or have the intention to encourage staff to have an EV (it is not a requirement for staff to already have an EV)
  • Have dedicated on/off-street parking with a minimum power supply of 3kW for staff/fleet
  • Own the property where the charge points will be installed or have permission to do so
  • Be registered on Companies House, have a VAT registration number or have a business rate bill issued by a local authority

A WCS voucher can only be redeemed if an authorised installer, who will claim the grant on your behalf, is used alongside approved chargepoint models. You cannot claim for previously purchased charge points or second-hand equipment and you must apply for the voucher prior to installation. Check with OZEV online to ensure your installer is registered under this scheme for eligibility.


You can simply apply online for this grant and if successful you will be provided with a voucher code that is to be given to your chosen OZEV authorised installer, who will claim the grant on your behalf once the charge points have been installed. You will have 6 months from issue date to complete the installation, if you do not install up to the allowed 40 charge points you can apply for more in the future.


On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme (ORCS)

The OZEV have also created the ORCS which provides grant funding to local authorities for the installation of EV charge points for on-street or local authority-owned car parks for residential needs. The local authority must gain the support of the landowner and take responsibility for the maintenance of such charge points and the project must be completed by 31 March 2024. Please check with your local authority for more information. 



There are a variety of grants available to those looking to invest in an EV, such as the EVHS and WCS. Taking advantage of these grants may significantly reduce the overall cost of purchasing an electric car and chargepoint. As electric vehicles continue to become more prevalent over time, we can anticipate even more government incentivisation for those who choose to make the switch. By reading up on the different grants available for EVs, you’ll be able to determine which one is right for you and get you on the path towards owning and charging a green car in no time.

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