The Greendawn Guide to 22kW Chargers

Written by Charlotte Burrage

5 January 2023

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22KW Car Chargers


What is a 22kW charger used for?

A 22kW charger is recommended for businesses and large families who are currently or looking into purchasing more than one electric vehicle. 22kw car chargers are more efficient than 7kW chargers as well as charging 3x quicker than 7kW chargers. Being perfect for busy workplaces and people.

Is it worth getting a 22kW charger?

Depending on your needs a 22kW charger may be perfect for you, to decide if a 22kW electric car charger would be the best decision for you ask yourself:

  • How many electric cars do you need to charge?
  • How often do you need to charge your car/s?
  • Is speed important for you when charging your car?
  • Are you planning on purchasing more Electric vehicles in the future?

Depending on the answers to these questions it should clear whether a 22kW electric car charger is suitable for your needs. With 22kW chargers generally being used for more intensive situations. Allowing for quicker charging capabilities.

Hotel and Hospitality industry

When looking specifically into the hospitality industry, Greendawn highly recommend 22kW chargers. This Is due to the constant flow of customers that will be more active than a normal standalone business. With these 22kW chargers paying for themselves being able to charge extra for this commodity, or charge for use in general with the capability of installing card machines onto these EV chargers. But when installing chargers for these businesses you need to think about the following:

  • The Tariff Setting
  • Average Customer Dwell time
  • Are they public chargers?

Each of these factors can affect the type and power output to install an EV charger at your business. Still unsure what do pick? head to our enquiry page to get our expert advice on the best setup for your business.

Which 22kW EV charger should I use?

It is extremely important to choose the right EV charger for your needs. Here at Greendawn we offer Six 22kW options for Electric car charging. From the brands Enelx and Project EV. Each brand has their own pros/ cons that may work better for your business needs.


The Enelx offers a cable locking system, giving security to your EV charging process. While also having an app that can be used to optimize energy costs, done by controlling the charging times for your vehicle. With the app notifying the user on the charging status to ensure your car is getting what it needs. The Enelx charger is a floor mounted charger. And offers lower costs for both OpEx (Operating Expenditures) and CapEx (Capital Expenditures) when used correctly. Learn more about OpEx and CapEx here.

Project EV

Similar to the Enelx the Project EV charger offers a Cable lock system. They’re IP65 protected, being protected from dust particles and low-pressure water jets from any direction, being ideal for messy/ construction workplaces. Offering four different methods of control to align with your company’s needs. Having plug & charge, RFID, Project EV app and the Project EV Pro App. To see the specifics of each control option, go to the Project EV site

Do you need 3 phase electricity for 22kW car charging?

What is 3 phase electricity?

3-Phase power to put It simply is a power system that provides three alternative currents, each with separate services. Being separated within a junction turning HV (High voltage) currents to LV (Low Voltage) currents. Ensuring that the power being used can be constant but never drops to zero.

Do I need 3 phase electricity to charge my Electric Vehicle?

If you are looking at purchasing a 22kW car charger a 3-phase power supply is needed. This is due to the demand a 22kW charger needs to run efficiently. Becoming increasingly normalized as batteries are increasing in size and EV chargers increase in power rating.

These 3-phase power supplies are typically found in commercial/ Industrial places, but can also be found in larger homes. There are alternatives to the 22kW chargers if this is not a possibility.

Check out our 7kW (Single Phase) Chargers here

Or upgrade your power supply here

Which EV can charge at 22kW?

Currently there are a small range of vehicles that can charge using the full 22kw capacity. These cars are: Zoe, BYD, and Tesla. Each of these cars can use the full capabilities of an 22kw EV charger. And while it is only a small fraction of electric cars can run at the full capacity, the majority of cars can be charged using a 22kw car charger.

Can I use normal EV on a 22kW charger?

The simple answer: Yes! When looking at 22kW chargers it is important to understand the charging you can receive for your vehicle. With electric vehicles having a cap to them, an OBC (On-board charger). These OBCs will limit the amount of charge that can be pulled from the charger an example of this is the Porsche Taycan, having an 11kW OBC meaning from the 22kW charger it can only receive 11kW at any given time.

Even with the OBC it is still important to understand the advantages of 22kW chargers. Always allowing for the maximum charging speed for the vehicle, speeding up the charging process as well as future proofing the charger allowing for larger OBC as they become more readily available.

What length cable do I need for a 22kW car charger?

In most cases the average length of an EV charger cable is around 5m. For most cases this length should be more than enough. But you should be mindful that adding extra length can cause a voltage drop which in turn will cause the vehicle charging speed to decrease.

What kind of cable do I need for an EV car charger?

When purchasing an electric car, they usually come with two chargers: One three-pin socket for wall plug-in use, and another cable, a “Type 2” cable, which would be utilized for wall box chargers and some public charging points.

What is a “Type 2” charging cable?

A Type 2 charging cable is the European standard, used by most new electric cars today. It has a Severn pin connector on both ends and allows you to plug in to most EV chargers. This charger type allows up to 43kw AC charging.

Can I get an OZEV Grant for 22kW Chargers?

The simple answer: Yes. When applying for an OZEV grant there is no limit to the kW of the charger there are other criteria’s you have to meet, to be eligible for the grant.

Am I eligible for an OZEV Grant?

To be eligible for an OZEV Grant there are a few criteria you must meet. Some of these criteria include:

  • Must be a registered business, charity, or public sector organisation
  • Have a need or intent to use EV equipment (You do not need to own a plug-in EV)
  • Have dedicated off-street parking for staff/ fleet use only.
  • Be located in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland
  • Own the property or have consent from the landlord for the changepoints to be installed

To see the full list of criteria visit the government OZEV grant page.

How do I apply for an OZEV Grant?

There are a few steps to apply for an OZEV workplace grant.

  1. Fill out Workplace ChargePoint grant on the Government site
  2. Wait to see if application was successful (Up to 5 days).
  3. If the application was successful make a claim with an OZEV approved installer (Like us!) Contact us Page? (Voucher lasts 180 days after application)
  4. Installer will complete the installation and redeem voucher online.
  5. You will then receive a conformation e-mail with details of grant details
    1. If this looks correct, then you can ignore the email and allow installer to carry out the work
    2. If it looks incorrect contact
  6. You pay the installer


Ensure that you keep record for the claim for at least 3 years.


Looking to get started with EV charging, or take your existing set up to the next level? Greendawn provides everything you need.

If your business is looking at EV charging stations for the first time (or is well versed and simply looking for an upgrade) then we have the skills and expertise to make sure your clients, customers, and staff get the EV charging experience they deserve, and that you as a business owner will want to deliver. Contact us now for more information on how to get started with your project.

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