Our Backoffice

Our job doesn’t end at installation, we will aid you in the management and care of the chargers. Providing servicing when required, and ensuring the smooth running of your new charging system. You will have access to the charging station’s data in real time.

  • See charges performed, completed charges, failed charges, users, usage and charge point status.
  • Get notifications if a charge point needs attention
  • See who reported it, what the issue is, the status.

Why Do I Need It?

This smart system will use the collected data to notify our team of any necessary maintenance, which will be required over time. No need to send someone out to check for faults as the analysis is sent straight to you and some cases can be resolved remotely. Our back office system will minimize your workload. You make the choices, and we’ll make sure your charging station is always working at full capacity.

Without a back office system, you won’t have any payment system or analysis data, such as usage; you could also be giving away energy to anyone that plugs themselves into your charger, raising your energy costs. Whereas, if you were to utilize our back office system, you can’t set a fee for use of the charger. Price can even vary throughout the time of the day in correlation with peak and off-peak times. Your station will be set to function in a manner that works towards your intentions.

How Does it Benefit Me?

Commercial Business

The back office system allows the owner to personally manage a range of functions, without needing an entire team to do so. The system will make the process quick and simple process, everything created within the system can be used to better customer experience.

Our system will be the olive branch between you and your customers. Create custom vouchers for employees and customers, you can even offer discounted charging for your more loyal customers.

Access to the charging stations can be made public or private and if a queueing system is enabled people can view the charger availability and reserve a time slot, maximizing charge point usage. No need to worry about charger efficiency, as our back office system is market leading in charge point stability at 98%.

Workplace Charging

With our back office system, it will only take minutes to set up a new-charge point, as well as a market-leading load balancing option. Having a back office for your workplace chargers will give you permissions such as;

  • Deciding on private/public access
  • Create teams for employees with private EVs
  • Set custom pricing
  • Reimburse home charging for employees

This raises employee satisfaction rates by catering to their needs outside of their roles.

When looking at the capabilities of the back office, it is clear to see how useful it can be for a busy workplace environment.

The software tracker will show a large range of savings that can be made in both cost and CO2 emissions and with the SmartCharge system available, you can prevent unnecessary charges that may be accumulating.

Fleet Charging

We haven’t forgotten your fleets, the back office system supports the charging needs of electric fleets of all types and sizes. Ensure your EV fleet is ready whenever your drivers are.

You’ll be in full control of your fleet, without having to worry about tedious tasks, as all access will be provided through our system.

  • Fleet drivers can reserve charge points
  • Keep your EV fleet fully charged
  • Access 200,000+ charge points in our roaming network

Out of hours issues are a thing of the past with the 24/7 support to ensure your fleet is ready to make their move. Ensure your operation is ready for any daily tasks, and don’t worry about the future because we’ve even got that covered. If required, inviting new employees to the platform can be done with ease and so can setting up new chargers as needed.

OZEV Grants for EV Fleet owners

Reduce the cost of your electric vehicle charge point installation and create a more sustainable business with an electric vehicle grant through the government Workplace Charging Scheme. Greendawn are an OZEV approved installer working with charities, businesses and public authorities to claim up to £14,000 off workplace charge points.

Workplace Finance 

We make it easier for you to look after your green fleet with a range of finance options from zero to fully funded, which cover you from survey to installation and maintenance, as well as tariff setting for your employees and customers.

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